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You Can Help A Senior Get The Proper Nutrition

There are several reasons seniors and the elderly have nutritional problems as they grow old. Sometimes certain medications make the taste buds dull. Our sense of taste naturally declines as taste buds decrease in number as we age. Alzheimer’s and dementia patients simply may not remember to eat. However, as we grow, it is even more essential than ever to get proper nutrition.

As we age, our bodies require fewer calories, yet we need extra protein, calcium, vitamins, and other important nutrients elements. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness regarding the special dietary needs of seniors, pushing them towards disease like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, chronic pain, gastrointestinal diseases, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia, and depression. In this blog, we as a provider of geriatric care from Kolkata would like to offer some information regarding " How as a Home Caregiver You Can Help A Senior Get The Proper Nutrition".

Talk to the senior’s doctors: If a senior is losing weight, work with his or her physicians to recognize and address contributing factors. Replacing medicines that affect taste, restricting or eliminating any diet limitations until the nutritional problem passes, and working with a dentist to treat oral difficulties can assist. Request for screenings for nutrition problems throughout routine office visits, and ask regarding nutritional supplements. You might further ask a referral to a certified dietitian. Or a person from geriatric care provider from Kolkata who can assist the patient to fight the eating disorder.

Cheer him or her to pick nutritious foods: Spread peanut or other healthful jellies on toast and cookies, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables. Spray finely diced nuts or wheat seed on yogurt, fruit, and cereal. Add extra egg whites to scrambled eggs and omelets, and support the use of whole milk.

Liven up bland foods: Add lemon juice, herbs, and spices to foods. If the senior is undergoing a loss of taste and smell, try some new spices and ingredients.

Promote healthy snacks: A part of fruit or cheese, peanut butter by itself or as a spread, or a fruit smoothie can give healthful nutrients and added calories.

Make meals social events: Visit at mealtimes, or invite seniors for dinner at your house or out at an eatery. Help elders to join meetings and senior where they can dine with others.

Make certain seniors get daily physical activity: Even light daily activity or workout can stimulate appetite while increasing bones and muscles stamina.

Boost hydration for overall good health: Elders must get at least 1.8 liters of healthy fluids every day.

Consider outside help: If required, hire a caregiver from a provider of home health care in Kolkata to buy groceries or cook meals. They know exactly what to buy and what is best for your loved ones in a particular situation.

Our caregivers can watch for the symptoms of malnutrition and help design a plan and make healthy meals for loved ones. They will further take note of the senior’s overall health, see that they take medicines, assist them to follow dietary guidelines, and perform daily tasks around the home. Contact our office today to discover all of our available services.