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Poor Kidney Function in Elderly: Causes and Therapy Options

As people age, it appears like they must begin worrying regarding all kinds of health issues that would never have happened to them when they were growing. That’s true when it comes to your kidney capacity as well. Before you begin having problems, it’s a good idea to learn what causes poor kidney function in the elderly and what your treatment options are. As a home health care provider, we are giving away some of the tips to look for that may save your loved one from critical kidney disease.

Causes of Reduced Kidney Function in the Elderly

As you grow up, you have a greater risk of urinary tract and kidney diseases. The unfortunate news is that kidney infection/ disease can be pretty dangerous if not addressed immediately. The good news is that the appropriate treatment and early detection can enhance the function of your kidneys.

One of the most obvious causes of decreased kidney capacity in elderly patients is diabetes. Diabetes can create damage to the kidney’s nerves and blood capillaries even if your diabetes is well controlled.

There are various other elements of kidneys not working properly. Elderly people, particularly women, are more likely to get urinary tract diseases as they age. If untreated, the contamination can spread to the kidneys. In extension, older adults are more likely to possess urinary incontinence issues than younger adults.

Urinary incontinence is uncontrolled leaking of urine from a person’s bladder. This can enhance the possibility of having a urinary tract disease which, in turn, raises the likelihood of kidney damage.

Most people recognize that high blood pressure can weaken your heart, however, you might not understand it can generate damage to your kidneys as well.

Eventually, renovascular condition, which is the reduction or even blockage of the renal artery, can decrease the blood supply to your kidneys and decrease function. It is the most basic reason for kidney failure in senior adults.

                               Improving Kidney Function in the Elderly

There are treatments for low kidney capacity in the elderly. The goal of this procedure is to fix what is creating your kidney disease by reducing protein in elderly loved one's urine, regulating phosphorus levels, managing your diabetes, lessening blood pressure, and increasing cholesterol levels.

As a home health care provider we have seen several physicians may attack your loved one's kidney disease from various separate directions at the same time. The first step is to look at the medications and decide if taking any that needs to be decreased or stopped completely.

Some of the medications that can make issues are:

  • Blood-thinners
  • Antibiotics
  • Antihistamines
  • Ibuprofen

Your physician may further have you take iron pills, vitamin D supplements, or medications that will reduce phosphate levels.

In addition, your doctor will take a close look at your diet to decide how much potassium, protein, and phosphorus you are consuming daily. All three might require to be reduced.

For those concerned regarding or dealing with kidney defect in elderly loved one, it’s necessary to make sure they are eating right, are not overly medicated, and keeping their physician notified of any urinary tract infections or incontinence problems sooner rather than later. It’s the best way to keep a tiny issue from growing a much larger one down the line.

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