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In Home Care A growing need for Urban Indians

Home Health Care Services in India is experiencing acceleration in recent years. The health care market is already diverse with multiple players. Home health care is the latest entrant. The main reason for this is the traditional Indian joint family breaking up and family members not being physically close enough to provide the required support to the unwell or elderly members. Many family members may also be living in different cities or even overseas. Also, the rise in lifestyle and non-communicable illness which require regular care but not hospitalization is another strong reason for in-home care finding a position in the Indian health care system.Another important factor is the population over the age of 60 years is rising steadily in India.

According to the last census, India had around 8% of the population is in that bracket. However, that will reach 19% by 2050. So around 30 crore people will be in that age group then. The Indian health care system needs to get ready for this surge and that is where home healthcare is coming into serious consideration.However, this industry is still in its nascent stage. The awareness is low as the hospitals do not educate the patients and also there are no clinical social workers (as in developed countries) doing the same. Even doctors are also not fully aware of the benefits. Informing people about this service is very important.  Family members used to provide the required support in Indian traditional system. However with the changing economic situation lack of time is becoming more prominent than lack of money.  As a result, the in home care services are becoming popular. Along with the awareness, proper legislation will also help the service becoming more popular in India.  One such quality service provider in Kolkata is Kankei Care. Part of the Social Commerce Initiatives of Kankei Group, a diversified consumer services company in business since 1998, Kankei Care specializes in post hospitalisation home care and geriatric care. They can be reached on 9830881101/9830995002 and email