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How much does private physiotherapy treatment cost

Nobody likes discussing about the cost of any treatment. Same is applicable for home health care services in Kolkata or home physiotherapy service in Kolkata. However, there is no reason to overlook the fact that price is an essential factor for every patient and his/her family members while deciding on any treatment. This is applicable to not only for the services from any home health care company in Kolkata, however, whatever we purchase, we need to be consider the cost or the budget. Even when we are committing to a repeat purchase like a course of treatment from the provider of home physiotherapy service in Kolkata people need to enquire if there are any changes in the cost.

Any good provider of home physiotherapy service in Kolkata can tell you that " Recommendation" is the largest source of their clients. This is true for self- referrals and clients referred by general physician or consultant. However, one common question we do get asked is- How much home physiotherapy service in Kolkata cost.

A clear-cut answer isn't always immediately available. However, hopefully, this blog will help you with some transparency about the expenses involved in home physiotherapy service in Kolkata or home health care services in Kolkata.

The charges

At first, go through the cost of physiotherapy session from home physiotherapy service provider. The normal cost of physiotherapy service from a qualified provider of home health care services in Kolkata is Rs. 400 to Rs.600 per session. This is the average across the city, however, this can change depending on the health issues of the patient.

The price of a session from home health care companies in Kolkata can be as low as Rs. 350-400 per session. The shorter duration of session or a long term treatment plan may be the reasons at times for the low cost. The charges may also vary depending on the qualification and the skill of the Physiotherapist. While availing in-home physiotherapy services, we need to be very careful about the qualification and expertise of the physiotherapist as the success of the treatment depends immensely on these. Without a skilled physiotherapist, you may end up spending your money without the desired result.

The cost of a course of physiotherapy treatment at home.

The average length of physiotherapy treatment depends on the problem that is being treated. For basic pain management, frozen shoulder, back pain, knee pain etc it may be around 7-10 sessions initially. Then depending on the progress further treatment is decided. However for neurological and geriatric cases it will be long term.

What this means is, the average cost for a session of physiotherapy treatment by a qualified physiotherapist by home health care service provider in Kolkata will vary depending on the health problem that is being addresses. If the stumbling block between you and getting the treatment is the question - how much does private physiotherapy session by the provider of home physiotherapy service in Kolkata cost, do not hesitate to get in touch with Kankei Care's expert team, to talk about their courses of treatment by expert physiotherapist at the comfort of your home.

I am suffering from back pain, back of knee pain for last 20 years. Recently burning sensation in neck and shoulder has also started. Doctors & acupuncturist have failed to cure me. .Is there any solution with you and what will be estimated cost of


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