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How do I know what to do with my aging parents

The number of people taking care of their family members in Kolkata is huge and growing. More than 70% of elderly care or geriatric care is given by members of the family- spouse, children, grandchildren and other relatives. Many of these caregivers struggle with the duty of taking care of their sick or elderly relatives, while also struggling to address the needs of their own families. Feeling guilty in this situation is natural, however, as a professional home health care service provider, we understand taking care of a sick or elderly family member is a difficult task.

You may have noticed your aging parents showing that they need some extra help. Simple tasks like climbing stairs, understanding medication and taking them on time, preparing nutritious meals, etc. are becoming more and more difficult for them, every single day. Maybe you are seeing that your parents becoming socially isolated, not interested in any activities, confused and even losing their appetite. However, you have no experience in elderly care or geriatric care. This makes difficult for you to accurately evaluate how much help they need and how to get it. Whether you live nearby or hours away, starting taking care of the issues that needs to be addressed and obtaining the solution for it can be overwhelming.

Caring for loved ones is not an easy task. Every case and family is difficult and unique. There's no universal solution. The big question is who will be able to help you in your loved one's needs while keeping everyone's best interests in mind? That's where professional elderly care or geriatric care from Kankei Care comes in. Kankei Care provides an extensive catalog of services starting with a personalized in-home assessment to deal with your particular requirements, along with that of your parent.

Kankei Care generally follows a four-step method to provide best home health care services like elderly care, geriatric care or home physiotherapy service:

  • Evaluation: Conduct a primary assessment of the client’s situation.
  • Care Plan: Prepare goals for client’s care and establish important steps required to reach the goals.
  • Implementation: Put step of care plan into action.
  • Monitor: Observe the client and make any required plan changes.

Kankei Care has a enormous experience in elderly care, geriatric care, home physiotherapy service, social work, and nursing care. The primary service given in our home health care includes planning services for clients; whether it's giving medications, attend a doctor's appointments, transportation, socialization and emotional support or arranging 24-hour care. Kankei Care's goal is to simply help people to stay as independent as possible.

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