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How To Make The Most Of Home Physiotherapy Service

So you or your loved one lives in Kolkata, booked an appointment with Kankei Care, you are confident you have selected the best home physiotherapy service for you or for your family member's requirement. Now what? How will you make sure that you take advantage of home physiotherapy service? Here are few tips from the professionals:

The environment: Choose the best spot in your house for the home physiotherapy service. It must be a bright place (natural light preferable) and free of unwanted things. Our physiotherapy expert can carry some small pieces of equipment, so make sure you have enough space to accommodate this.

Cloths: Wear appropriate clothing for your home physiotherapy service. Shorts and a t-shirt are preferable. If you have an extra friendly pet, we would suggest keeping him/ her in other room

Your medical past and present: Utilize most of your time with your physiotherapist; discuss your current medical conditions. If you have any relevant medical documents, test results, have them printed and ready to show our expert. This will help us to evaluate your situation and we will be able to deliver you best and customized home physiotherapy service.

What is your goal? Before starting your home physiotherapy service, take some time to think about what you hope to achieve from your therapist. Reducing pain and improving movement is obviously desirable, however, why you wish to feel and move better? Do you want to be much more active throughout your day? Are you suffering from physical injury and having difficulty to do every day's general task like climbing stairs, walking etc.? Or perhaps your current problem is preventing you from taking a good night sleep? Or it is a neurological problem?

Decide what your problem is and what kind of solution you are expecting from us, and discuss with the professional so we can deliver your expected result.

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