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Home Caregiver Challenge: Five Popular Exercises to Get Seniors Moving

Exercise is essential for everyone, elders particularly. As a home caregiver, it is your duty to get the elderly person you are caring for up and moving. The exercise benefits for seniors are well recognized and include stopping, delaying or decreasing the impact of illness and disease, encourage to control anxiety, improve mood, coordination, and balance (decreasing the risk of falls). Generally when seniors exercise it benefits their quality of life enabling them to continue doing the things they like doing for an extended time. Before beginning exercise with a senior, it is always advised to talk with a family member or doctor on what weaknesses the senior may have. Low impact exercise is normally recommended. As a home physiotherapy service provider in Kolkata, we are giving away a list of 5 popular low impact exercises a senior can do to be more active.

Walking: Not only is walking excellent for your joints, your cardiovascular system, and your mental health. It looks easy, yet setting aside time to go for a walk offers an elderly person the ability to get out and move their body. Try to select an area to walk that is not too busy and the terrain is even.

Yoga: Low-impact activities like yoga are ideal options for older adults who need to move their bodies more, however, don’t want to put too much physical stress on their joints. Plus, free yoga classes that you can perform at home are easily accessible online.

Strength Training: Improved muscle strength can help make even the most general of daily tasks — like washing your hair or folding laundry — easier on your body. Strength exercise with weights can be done right in the home. For women, begin with 0.500 kilograms weights. For men, try 2 kilograms. Lifting weights will help get the blood and heart moving.

Tai Chi: Improving balance is absolutely necessary for an elderly. Similar to yoga, tai chi is low-impact and combines slow movements with long breathing to enhance flexibility and balance. In fact, some researchers consider it is the perfect workout for older adults.

Chair exercises: Do you know seniors can exercise without even standing up? Chair exercises have become a popular way for seniors who are isolated, due to weather or other circumstances, so they can move their bodies. Chair exercises are a harmless and efficient alternative for older seniors to tone and increase muscles strength, and improve mobility.

As a home caregiver doing senior home care, it always bests if you take part in the exercise with them.

Low-impact exercises can be very beneficial for your senior loved ones, and at Kankei Care, we want to help see that they have the ability to do them. Under the supervision of a physician and/or physical trainer, our professional caregivers can see that your loved ones are living by the suggested routines. We can further help to make healthy meals and provide safe, decent transportation to your loved ones’ destinations in and around town. To provide the best healthcare support we offer the distinctive type of elderly care services such as "home health care in Kolkata, elderly care in Kolkata, geriatric care from Kolkata, healthcare at home, home physiotherapy service in Kolkata" and more. This services of ours can be tailored to your particular need.  Give yourself the peace of mind you always wanted and grant your loved ones the care they always desired. Contact us now for more information.