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Heart Disease in the Elderly

Do you think that you are capable of recognizing if someone you love is having a heart attack? You don't have to be a professional caregiver, associated with a home health care provider in Kolkata to realize the fact that, today, a heart attack is very common among elderly people.  If you are a home caregiver and taking care of an elderly then you must recognize the symptoms of a heart attack, so before the situation go critical, you can call for help. Today, a heart attack is one of the most general reasons for hospital admission for an elderly person.

Heart failure happens when the heart muscle becomes damaged and can no longer pump blood efficiently. Although symptoms can be managed, sadly this chronic condition has no cure.

What Do Symptoms of Heart Failure Look Like?

Dyspnea – or shortness of breath – can happen both during normal day to day activity and rest. This is the symptom that usually sends victims running to the hospital late at night. Work with your hospice or palliative care team to manage symptoms at home and dodge those stressful hospital trips.

Increased Heart Rate: In answer to a lack of pumping ability, the heart starts to beat quicker. The patient experiences this as a racing or throbbing heartbeat.

A chronic Cough: When the heart cannot keep up with the supply of blood flowing within it and the lungs, fluid can build up in the lungs. This happens in a chronic cough or wheezing that can provide white or pink mucus.

Edema: The buildup of fluid may be under the skin - normally independent areas of the body such as the legs, hands or it can expand in the lungs (pulmonary edema). The area of edema can offer the healthcare practitioner the first evidence of a heart problem.

Confusion: If the heart stops operating efficiently, it can decrease sodium levels in the blood. This drives to the cause of memory loss, nervousness, and a common sensation of disorientation.

How can a Caregiver help?

The heart is a muscle, and like other muscles in your arms and legs, it requires exercise. Your heart gets a workout when you exercise and get your blood running through your veins. Seniors who have been inactive will need to begin slowly, maybe by taking a short walk every day and trying to go a bit farther over time. Senior caregivers will like getting out and walking with them. However, in today's busy life it is quite difficult to care for someone by balancing other obligations. Do your parents live alone? Are you busy in dealing with other professional responsibilities? To relieve you from your duty as a home caregiver this is where professionals from Kankei Care come in. Working as one of the best home health care provider in Kolkata has given us a lot of experience in dealing with patients who are suffering from heart disease.  The service given in our home health care includes planning services for customers; whether it's providing medications, attend a doctor's appointments, transportation, socialization and emotional support or arranging 24-hour care, we are always there.

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