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Caregivers in India New Trends

The nature of care-giving in India has changed. In the not so recent past, the caregiver used to be within the family as the parents used to be staying with the children. With a joint family around the younger members naturally used to look after the elderly or unwell members of the family. The support used to be both physical as well as psychological. The caregiver also used to get support as the onus was not on one single person. Other family members also used to support the elderly person whenever required.

Today the scenario is fast changing. With a nuclear family in place, older generations stay in a different location. So fending for themselves is the need of the hour for all families. In absence of close family members available in the same home or city, exteal caregiver is the solution. With the average age of the population rising, the in-home care professional services are becoming more important. As a result, professional caregiving is emerging as a growing industry..

In-Home care services are the supportive services provided in the home to the adults, seniors or children as per requirement (recovering after a nursing home/hospital stay or regular support to stay at home).  The largest segment of in-home services is provided by licensed / unlicensed non-medical personnel. Caregivers and Care Assistants help the person with the daily task of eating, bathing, cleaning, cooking etc. These support services help the person to stay in their home and avoid hospital or some facility stay. Non-medical home care services are paid for by the individual or any family members and are not funded by govement/insurance in India. Often the home care services are comparatively low-cost solution for long-term care situation.

Many professional organizations have come up today to ensure quality Home/In-Home care services. The services include Licensed Trained Nurses, trained attendants, Physiotherapists, Doctor On-Call, Lab tests etc. The idea is to help the individual stay at home longer avoiding a stay in residential facilities. These Home Health Care service providers deliver the required services at the individual’s place and can be a combination of assistance service and healthcare service.

Considering the social changes in India the In-Home/Home care services are here to stay and will become more and more important to our life.

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