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3 Ways to Remain Healthy After a Mesothelioma Diagnosis.

A Mesothelioma diagnosis can be crushing. This unusual cancer generally grows within the protective lining of the lungs or abdomen. This particular disease can take quite a long time to develop, however, when it does, it is life-threatening and debilitating. As this disease takes a longer period to grow, we as a provider of elderly care in Kolkata, witnessed that the generally effected people of this disease are men and aged between 55 to 60.

As we age, our body develops various common health problem such as chronic condition, sensory impairments etc. This general issue makes it much more difficult to deal with a disease like Mesothelioma. Chest pain, muscle weakness, and respiratory complication are the well-known symptoms of this disease. As this disease grows with the age, it affects patient's immune system and become weaker.

However, it is absolutely necessary to stay as healthy as possible when living with Mesothelioma disease. Apart from the treatments, there are various things an affected person can do to increase survival rates and improve the overall quality of life.

Exercise: For the most of the senior people, this can be difficult, particularly who are suffering from Mesothelioma condition. However, every professional geriatric care provider from Kolkata like Kankei Care will recommend doing exercise since it is crucial for the patient's overall health. Doctor recommends chemotherapy or radiation therapy for Mesothelioma treatment, this treatment, however, leave patients with muscle weakness, a bad appetite, and tiredness. We as a provider of professional elderly care in Kolkata, help our patients with low- impact exercise, including yoga, light swimming etc.

Nutrition: This goes hand in hand with exercise. It is proven that a good balance between healthy food and exercise can improve sleep, mood, and the immune system. Quality nutrition is fuel for the body and our body deserves this as much as it needs Oxygen. Seniors generally follow strict diet plans due to their other health issues. Deciding on the best food plan is necessary, however, it's can be challenging. Don't worry, our programmes "elderly care in Kolkata" and "geriatric care from Kolkata" is exactly meant to solve this problem. Our professional caregiver will help you out to decide which foods are best for you or maybe they can help you to cook as well

Caregiver Support: We understand that living with Mesothelioma is not easy at all. It is possible that a diagnosed patient might be unable to do several of the tasks the patient used to do before. Services like elderly care in Kolkata and geriatric care from Kolkata can assist to ease this transition. Professionals from geriatric care service from Kolkata can help you out with your needs, they can help you out with everyday tasks such as household chores, meal preparation, personal care and medication. Having a caregiver can further benefit your mood and overall outlook on life, giving you someone to further encourage you with motivation when times are unfavorable.

Staying Positive:  We have spoken about how exercise and good food can help improve the mood of the patient. However, you also need to understand just how important mood & positive outlook can be on the patient's battle with cancer. Medical professionals believe that having a positive view can cause a huge impact on a cancer patient. A positive attitude can improve how the patient handles the cancer treatment. We know it's not easy to stay positive in this critical time; however, having a strong support of family and friends can make it easier.

Staying strong as a person living with Mesothelioma isn’t just about treatments and clinical trials. These three healthy habits, in some ways, can be quite as helpful.

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